SFV OG Kush is an Indica dominant combination strain with a thick, pine-like fragrance with a high body buzz. It acquires the high THC rates from its parent plant OG Kush which, pairing it to powerful Indica effects makes this strain a real favorite among both medicinal and recreational consumers.


When OG Kush hit the west coast of the USA for the first time, it soon became popular in California. A number of OG Kush phenotypes with varying advantages and desirable results were developed to meet a common demand. Such a phenotype was tracted throughout San Fernando Valley, where the popular name was coined, dubbed SFV OG.

Herb Approach SFV OG is a 65% Sativa-dominant variant with THC rates between 16% and 22%. Some laboratory tests have measured an incredibly high amount of CBD, peaking at 1% in some samples. SFV OG can incite a whole body of euphoria, but its energy-producing Sativa aspects cannot bind the user to the couch lock.

Herb Approach SFV OG is useful for relieving your discomfort, healing, the return of your appetite, or even for getting you to sleep. Its bud is also renowned for being a mood lifter that promotes consumer satisfaction irrespective of whether it is eaten or action. Several Clients of Herb Approach, the leading online dispensary, have indicated that the buzz generated by this strain will not last like other strains, mostly decrease by one and a half hours.


Herb Approach SVF OG Kush is known for its characteristics, which closely reflect those of its parent cannabis strains. For one, it is an Indica-dominant combination that offers a high THC level of up to 25%. Remarkable energy is a common feature of the OG lineage. At first, users can encounter mild euphoria, which keeps them feeling relaxed and a little comfortable. It is mainly attributed to the strain’s 10% Sativa output, but as this slight head buzz disappears, the reliable Indica results of SVF OG Kush take control instantly.

Physical high is typically potent for most users, but also quite peaceful and soothing. The sensation begins throughout the lower spine and travels across the whole body of the user.

After that, the user may feel dragged down and sleepy, which may be attributed to the soothing aspect of the cannabis strain.

Aroma and Flavour

The classic OG fragrance is typically potent and attractive. This being mentioned, users should predict the Herb Approach SVF OG Kush to have the same unique scent of pleasant and skunky earth and pine fragrances which genuinely represents its heritage. The tastes of SVF OG Kush are as good as its fragrance. This has a great blend of citrus and sweet flavors of lime with traces of musky earth that become more noticeable when exhaled.


Thanks to the strong Indica influence of SFV OG Kush, Herb Approach SVF OG Kush has been one of the top preferences for patients suffering from various health problems, most of whom benefit from its calming and soothing properties.

Herb Approach SVF OG Kush is a vital stress management tool for patients who suffer from extreme pain or anxiety.


The soothing and sedative influence of the Herb Approach SVF OG Kush, on the other side, will help alleviate persistent pain caused by different health problems, such as muscle spasms and inflammation. This can also help to cause sleepiness in insomniacs and may even trigger cravings among anyone with a low appetite. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting? Visit Herb Approach, one of the best online dispensary, and order SVF OG Kush and start enjoying the sensation which produces Physical high with relaxing feeling.

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