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Twisted Extracts-CBD Cara-Melts (80mg CBD) is one of the most exciting cannabis products on BMWO at the moment. It is made up of sugars (fructose, corn syrup, sugar from cane), Cannabis extracts, milk, butter, soy lecithin, hydrogenated coconut oil, vanillin- artificial flavor, salt, mono-and triglycerides. The active ingredient in the product is CBD isolate.

To enjoy this mind-blowing marijuana category, melt each of the pieces wrapped in 10mg doses. Wait for a period of about 60-90minutes before an additional dose is to be considered. Consume with food for best outcomes.

This product gives a reliable and consistent system of delivery for cannabis ingestion. The Cara-Melts are an edible product of cannabis as they are CBD medicated. Every single Cara –Melt is saturated with 10mg of CBD thus every single caramel is well-thought-out as a single dose. Every Twisted Extracts sweetsare hand wrapped and lab tested for quality guarantee purposes.

When it comes to their flavor description, the product’s cannabis taste is significantly well masked with buttery caramel delicious flavor. Easy for instant consumption and when taken in a careful dose, the caramels are a controlled and safe way for CBD consumption. Always keep foods and other products of cannabis out of reach and away from animals and children. Neveroperator drive heavy machinery after consuming. Additionally, avoid consumption if already pregnant.

Each single caramel is dosed at 10mg CBD for the user’sconvenience. Always ingest edibles together with food give an allowance of two hours for full effect to take place. It is also recommended that user of this product take it slow and start low. The CBD Cara melts are not psychoactive as they do not contain any THC at all.

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