MK Ultra

It derives its name from its euphoric and fast-acting mental effects a strategy used by CIA MK Ultra Project during the cold war in the 1950s. Ganja Express MK Ultra is categorized as one of the Indica’s hybrids which is very heavy and induces very high and powerful hypnotic cerebral effects. Best medication for patients who have Insomnia as it causes eyelids to droop and cause deep sleep. Also, it is an excellent remedy to combat stress. d

It is a type of strain with a high reputation from Ganja Express in the world available in a cannabis store as well as online selling. In the year 2003, it is worn and was rated the first in the High Times Cannabis Cup, and a year later it was second in the rating. Research laboratories show that the MK Ultra is a blend of OG Kush and the strain Indica known as the G-13. A mixture of the two strains produces much stronger drugs with an unpleasant odour which many users compare it with burnt plastic or a diesel lemon mixture. It is a powerful plant because it contains the heaviest hybrid Indica in most of the local stores. The MK Ultra has almost 20% of the THC and 0.1% of the tiny CBD. As a result of higher components of THC and the CBD, it has a powerful effect on the minds; thus, it sedates the user. It gives a feeling of body heaviness and drooping eyelids.

It is medicinal handling a variety of pain symptoms as well as calming depression and anxiety moods. MK Ultra can relieve joint and nerves pain, although medical doctors should administer a recommended quantity to the patient. Incorrect administration of the strain can cause adverse effects to the health of a patient. It is also of great use, especially to people suffering from lower appetite to stimulate them and improve on their nutritional values.

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