Alice in Wonderland

Alice is said to be a descendant of Willy’s Wonder strain and has some pretty strong signs that make you wonder if you’ve gone crazy. Maybe this isn’t a negative thing.


Alice is a primarily Sativa strain with pre-frontal euphoric results. It delivers a high level of sensory experience, making it a personal favorite for creative pastimes, outdoor activities, a relaxed weekend, or daytime stress relief.

As stated by Ganjaexpress “BUY MORE, SAVE MORE,” the best online plate form for the purchasing of all kinds of strains, the THC levels in this strain are exceptionally strong, varying from 15 percent to 23 percent on average, but the findings certainly suit the higher of both figures. These sticky soft nugs are frosted in trichomes, orange, and give a rose garden fragrance.

Alice’s in Wonderland is best defined as a sensory experience with peaks and lows with absolute joy and intense relaxation. The initial blast is highly imaginative and should get you centered on the sidebar without fear, which also comes with good Sativa. This strain is perfect for exploring the wilderness, so go hiking or camping, and enjoys how comfortable you look lost in nature.


Because of its extremely beneficial results, Alice is suitable for managing problems like severe distress, pain, depression, and bipolar. It’s uplifting in nature, so in the most heartening moments, you’ll emerge from your shell. It is also an efficient sedative and helps people with severe pain, muscle stress, and sickness.

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