Mix and Match: – Togoweed Mix and Match deals every cannabis lover must try once

Online cannabis dispensaries with good cannabis strains and deals are like cannabis heaven for all cannabis lovers. Are you a cannabis lover too? To find yourself cannabis heaven, head over to togoweed. This online dispensary will excite you with its very recent mix and match deals that allow you to choose any strains to make your deals at a reasonable price. Try these!

Mix and Match - Togoweed Mix and Match deals every cannabis lover must try once
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28g (1oz) Premium AAAA Mix and Match

The 28g (1oz) Premium AAAA Mix and Match at togoweed is an amazing deal, and it allows you to create your own 1oz deal. For this deal, you can pick any four strains of your choice from the premium AAAA category and create a customized bundle for yourself. This way, you can save money and get your favorite strains at the same time.

56g (2oz) Mix and Match

With this amazing mix and match deal from togoweed, you can create your bundle of 2oz, which would be 56grams. You can pick any four of your favorite strains for these bundles, making sure they are not from the AAAA category. Those four of your strains will together make up a deal. This way, you can purchase variety at a low cost.

QP (1/4lb) Premium AAAA Mix and Match

QP (1/4lb) Premium AAAA Mix and Match from togoweed permits you to create a QP bundle of your favorite strains. For the QP deal, you can pick four of your most favorite premium AAAA strains. QP (1/4lb) Premium AAAA Mix and Match will make it easier for you to purchase more strains at budget-friendly rates.

HP (1/2lb) Mix and Match

This amazing deal at togoweed allows you to make your power-packed HP bundle. For this very offer, you can choose eight of your most favorite strains exclusive of premium AAAA strains. The best part about this offer is that you will get 8 strains for the price less than 8 strains would separately cost you.


Availing of such mix and match deals is the smartest move a cannabis lover can make. Before the time is over, go make your bundles!

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