Want something new: – Must try these Tale of Two Strains fresh strains

To all the cannabis lovers out there; Tale of Two Strains has a surprise for your cravings. Have you ever tried different blends specifically for a certain effect? Well, now is the time to enjoy yourself in ways you could never have imagined. Cannabis strains and its hybrids are out there for you to order easily and have fun with it.

Want something new - Must try these Ganja express fresh strains

Cannabis products are legal in many states, and if you are looking for best cannabis products, the Ganja express is ideal place. Tale of Two Strains Offer the best and wide variety of products and strains of cannabis, there is no way you should wait and lose precious time. Order now and enjoy! Here are a few of the favorites that you should look into.

Comatose #3

This sleepy strain is a cross of OG Kush and another heavily Indica strain. This Indica dominant strain has high levels of THC, it has a pungent spicy and a note of citrus aroma, and is only for nighttime use when you are looking for a personal bubble of spaced-out buzz. It helps in releasing stress, anxiety, PTSD, ADHA and helps you to sleep.

Banana Souffle (Bulk)

The more, the merrier; this strain is parented by two legendary strains of OG Kush. One being the West coast and the other being the skunk haze; Mostly users suggested this amazing strain for nighttime use. This strain is also Indica dominant, with high THC levels of almost 18%, while the CBD levels are almost 0.1%. Inducing sleep and relaxation, it is a must try strain. You can get these amazing strains through Tale of Two Strains, an online dispensary.

Green Goblin

This Sativa dominant strain in skunk#1 and has been a popular one among many cannabis lovers. It has been thought to be mixed with diesel strain due to its aroma, but this odd little fellow is the one promoting full-body relaxation and a clearer mind. Having THC levels of 24%, this green crack phenotype is for a more happy and dreamy effect.


Cannabis has many benefits, one being full-body relaxation and amazing sleep. For that, enjoy fresh strains from Tale of Two Strains for authentic and amazing blends.



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