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When it comes to buying cannabis, it is always better to get it in bulk. But not from any site it is always better to buy it from a dispensary as they know their product. Such as the tale of two strains is an online dispensary available in Canada for organic marijuana and cannabis products. You are lucky enough to spot them in sale season.

tale of two strains

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When it comes to cannabis, there are plenty of strains. Different users prefer different strains for their medical use. Many strains are seasonally grown and are limited, while other strains are imported from different areas. There are max strains that are crossed and grown by the dispensary itself.

Customers order in bulk at tale of two strains for their daily use and stock them for when the season is out. It helps them with cost, and also, they do not have to worry about their cannabis stock to finish.


The Sale of Goodie

The tale of two strains offers a good deal for all the customers who wait all year for the seasonal strains to be on the shelf. Here are some of the popular strains that are available for sale.

  1. Gelato | 2 Oz Special (Hybrid) AAA for $155.99

Normally available for $258 dollars, this amazing hybrid strain has higher THC levels, making the person a “lazy bird.” It has cerebral effects and bodily effects that make the person relaxed and more creative.

  1. Dutch Treat (AAA)

Having a potent bodily high effect, this amazing strain is Sativa dominant but has potent Indica effects when it comes to pain and insomnia. This little pungent strain is made good use of.

  1. Strawberries & Cream (AAA)

This mysterious genetically created strain is imported from Amsterdam and is Sativa dominant. It smells like fresh strawberries and provides euphoric effects.


Having a sale helps many cannabis users to have some in hand if the season for the strain goes out. Thanks to the tale of two strains, now you can avail the amazing sale for your cannabis.

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