4 Signs That Your Marijuana is Contaminated

Here are the most common signs that your weed is contaminated: unusual color, spongy texture, chest pains, and an excessively sweet aroma. If you notice any one or all of the signs in your weed, it’s time to dump it.

The marijuana market is mostly unregulated and allows anyone under the sun to open up shop. While cannabis itself is safe especially if you purchase it at Ganja Express, some of its products can get contaminated with harmful substances. Very few products are properly tested for safety.

Here are a few signs that the marijuana product is contaminated.

Unusual Color

The first sign of contaminated weed is easy to spot – an unusual color. If you see speckled white powdery substances with a greenish or grayish tint, you’re probably dealing with contaminated weed. This is a common problem with homegrown weed – Ganja Express can help reduce this.

Spongy Texture

Do a touch test of weed by placing some of it between your fingers. If the wee is dry and crispy, there is no risk of mold. If, however, it is damp and spongy, you might be dealing with a mold issue. If the weed has a powdery texture, it’s a sign that a contaminant was added. It is a common practice among certain dealers to mix crushed pills with the bud so it resembles kief. Ganja Express caries the most purist texture and quality out there!


Every unique strain of marijuana has its own scent profile – but they all smell mostly musky sweet. If, however, it smells excessively sweet, there’s a good chance that your weed is moldy. In the same vein, you might want to stay away from dried buds that smell like freshly cut grass. This is an indication that it hasn’t been cured and dried correctly. These marijuana flowers are more likely to develop mold while in storage

Feeling Chest Pain?

It is common to feel unusual feelings in your lungs after a few heavy sessions. However, smoking weed from Ganja Express shouldn’t result in actual pain. If smoking cannabis results in chest pain, talk to your doctor right away. You must have smoked weed with mold, pesticides, fertilizer, or a combination of them. Do not ignore chest pain under any circumstances

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