Skyhighexotics: Products every cannabis user must try once

Where are all the cannabis lovers at? Want to try cannabis in a new tempting way? Skyhighexotics  has so much interesting stuff in store for you. Some mouth-watering cannabis edibles that you need to get your hands on. Head over to the online dispensary and try out some of these yummy edibles.

Skyhighexotics Products every cannabis user must try once.

FOREVER PHOENIX – Cinnamon Infused Phoenix Tears

Forever phoenix from Skyhighexotics is one of the most affordable yet effective cannabis products in store. These cinnamon-infused phoenix tears possess a very rich flavor like that of cinnamon rolls straight out of the oven but without calories for sure. These yummy tears are great for treating severe pain, epilepsy, insomnia, PTSD, inflammation, and most of all, cancer.

BUTTERFLY HIGH 400mg THC (Products by SeC)

Butterfly high, as the name suggests, is highly THC-infused gummies from Skyhighexotics. Along with their very colorful appearance, these yummy treats possess a fruity flavor that is a mixture of blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. These gummies give a head high and relaxation and are recommended for those with edible tolerance. They are ideal for treating severe pains.

TWISTED EXTRACTS 1 TO 1 (40mg THC/40mg CBD) – Raspberry Flavored Jelly Bomb

These Raspberry flavored twisted extracts are lego block-shaped Indica-dominant jelly bombs. They provide a good and reliable dose of cannabis to your body. These yummiest from Skyhighexotics have a sweet fruity raspberry flavor and have a 40:40 ratio of CBD and THC. The THC element gives you a nice calming head high, healing your body and relaxing your mind.


Straight from the Skyhighexotics online dispensary, this one right here serves 11 flavors of yummy gummies in one pack. These gummies are coated in a sour sugar to tingle your taste buds. Just one gummy at a time goes a long way since each of these gummies is infused with 25mg THC distillate. Giving you a very soothing head high, these are ideal for mental relaxation.


You can never go wrong with some delicious edibles that provide you with so much relaxation. You need to try out these gummies as soon as possible.

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