Looking for New strains: Must try these Skyhighexotics strains

Are you looking for some potent strains to try? Have you tried something other than your usual order? Here is your chance to try something entirely new and amazing. New strains of Cannabis are even better than the older traditional ones. And now, as people are getting to know how Cannabis and marijuana works, marvels are created.

Don’t swipe just anywhere; the Skyhighexotics are an online dispensary at your service to provide the best strains. They have been in the business long enough to know what a magnificent strain looks like. Having everything tested and approved on the shelf.

 Lemon Haze

One of the Skyhighexotics delicacies lemon haze. It is not something for beginners but is a favorite of all cannabis lovers. You can get them in various flavors such as lemon, amnesia, and super silver. Lemon Haze is very popular among all types of cannabis users due to its high THC level.

Blackwater Kush

Blackwater Kush is a specialty of heavy Indica strain. Readily available on Skyhighexotics; the potency of THC varies from 10% to 20%. This strain has won third place for its unique undertone, berry taste, and cerebral stimulations. It gives very heavy sedation. It has been known to sharpen your appetite before dinner.

Duke Nukem

This Indica hybrid is a cheap weed provided to you exclusively by Skyhighexotics. It was introduced in regards to a video game. The commando effect of this strain is a little more laid back. It gives a mental buzz, making you more creative and aware.

Afghan Kush

This strain is common with all forms of cannabis users due to its strong potency and excellent flavor. Afghan Kush is well-known for its hash, like Aroma, and this strain influences the body more than the user’s brain. As a result, he is tired and sleepy. Because of these symptoms, it is often recommended for patients suffering from sleep loss. It’s also great for fatigue, anxiety, and chronic pain.


If you search for the most potent and most refined Indica strains, Skyhighexotics is the place to be. Visit Skyhighexotics right now to get your favorite strain and experience the beauty of nature.

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