Sour Tangerine Hash


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Sour Tangerine Hash is mentally stimulating and euphorically uplifting, bringing about an elevated mindset accompanied by pleasantly flowing thoughts. Get ready to take on even the most mundane tasks with purpose and pride after toking this long lasting, energy boosting strain.

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Product Description

Hash is processed by separating a cannabis plant’s resin gland from its flowers. These trichomes are known to contain the largest amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hash produces potent psychoactive and medicinal experiences for all those who consume.

Sour Tangie Hash is a sativa-dominant strain that leaves users feeling energized without any tenseness, perfect for conquering to-do lists and mundane household chores.

High: Sour Tangie’s high takes hold relatively quickly and may come with possible warming of the face and flushing of the cheeks. These sensations soon die down and leave the user revealing in an elevated mindset, creating coherent and clear thoughts that may have certain concepts taking on a new significance. Motivated smokers may be able to work for an extended period on both complicated or more creative projects, or partake in physical activities such as exercise, sex or dancing. For those who just want to chill out, Sour Tangerine’s activated buzz can be a fun way to pass the time socializing with friends, playing video games, or daydreaming as you’re working on routine errands and doing household chores.

Used For: Social boost, exercise, focus, energy, concentration, ADD, ADHD, stress, depression, chronic pain, cramps, and headaches.

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We accept Interac E-transfers as this is a safe payment method. If you bank with Canadian credit unions or regular banks, then these are easy to do online with your institution. We will send you an invoice by email once you place an order. All of the payment information that you require to make an E-transfer will be found on your invoice.

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