Have you ever wondered why weed lovers encourage people to eat fruits after smoking? If you already know the answer, have you thought about what are the best fruits to eat after smoking weed? In this article, we will be answering all your questions and much more. If you are searching for information on products and where you can buy high-quality cannabinoids related items on Serene Farms got your back.

Juicy mangoes

You may have heard this before, but mangoes are actually considered to the best fruits to eat after smoking weed as they are addicting, juicy, fulfilling, and leave an exquisite aftertaste. Mangoes contain high levels of sugar, which are needed to activate the body and fuel it with energy. Try eating ripe mangoes 20 minutes after you smoke weed for the best results.


You may think lemons are not tasty, but that is not the case when you are high of marijuana. Any citrus food that contains extreme levels of terpenes is considered beneficial. The reason behind this is that terpenes are founded to enhance the high feeling, making a person feel elevated and relaxed. Thus for that reason, lemons are considered best fruits to eat after smoking weed check out Serene Farms.

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Another unique combination of fruits that you could consume is berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Like mentioned earlier, fruits that contain citrus are agents that boost the euphoric feeling one gets from smoking cannabis. Try to eat berries 30 minutes after your smoking session to feel full and healthy and have a strong quality high feeling.


People normally do not consume grapefruit, but if you are smoking weed, grapefruit can be a delicious and healthy fruit to not only make you feel higher but also feel healthy and full. Try eating grapefruit every now and then and see the results for yourself.


So these were some of the fruits that have been founded to significantly help with smoking weed. You could easily find an array of products on Serene Farms .