Grape Runtz (AAAA)


Grape Runtz

If you’re a fan of sweet and fruity strains or simply looking to experiment with something new, the Grape Runtz (also known as Grape Runts) by Exotic Genetix is a super rare and delicious hybrid strain that hails from the famously potent and tasty Cookies family! An indica variety, Grape Runtz by Exotic Genetix is created through a phenomenal four way cross of heavy hitters and popular crowd favourites: Zkittlez, Gelato, Grape Ape and OG Kush. With a genetic lineage like this, what could possibly go wrong? Its flavours are sugary sweet with tones of berries and citrus that make it reminiscent of fruit candy. Offering up to 23% THC content and a long lasting, powerfully uplifting, full bodied relaxing high, this fruity strain might very well be your next favourite!


The Grape Runtz strain offers a full bodied high that will be enjoyable to any hybrid lover! The initial onset starts with a powerful cerebral uplift that will keep you happy for hours, though will meddle with your focus, so it’s best to have a clear schedule when using this strain. The happiness intensifies as the high progresses, and it also becomes more heady, with some users reporting psychedelic effects. A bodily relaxation will also start to creep over, slowly settling into couch lock as you slip further into its ease and bliss. The combination of mental and physical effects can relieve a variety of symptoms, and may be particularly helpful in alleviating chronic pains, cramps, migraines, depression and stress. Because of its potent effects which can render you immovable, it is best recommended for evening or weekend usage.

THC Content

Grape Runtz by Exotic Genetix is an indica hybrid strain. It can also be found as a more evenly balanced variation from other breeders, though its effects generally tend to be indica leaning. It is created through crossing four different legendary strains: Zkittlez, Gelato, Grape Ape and OG Kush, all of which are also indica hybrids with the exception of OG Kush, which is a sativa dominant hybrid. Grape Runtz’s THC levels average from 20% to 23%, and these numbers are on par with the potency of its parents, all of which average from 20% to 26% in THC concentration. The terpene profiles of the parents were passed down and are very apparent in the child strain, resulting in a delicious fruity flavour combo!

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of Grape Runtz are fluffy and chunky with a rounded, elongated shape that can be comparable to grapes. They are a bright neon green colour, which is contrasted by its plentiful orange pistils that are wound throughout. It is finished with a coating of tiny crystal trichomes that give it a glimmer. In terms of flavour, Grape Runtz are extremely sweet and have been likened to candy! There are accents of spice with overtones of fruity grape, berries and sour citrus, and complemented by a sugary sweetness. When exhaling, these flavours come together to offer a fruity candy taste! With such parents like Zkittlez and Gelato, there is no wonder as to why this is such a delicious strain!

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