D9 Distillate (1G)


The Dope Dispensary presents our new D9 distillate, which is one of the most purest forms of extracts on the market. These are packaged in syringes for easy access anytime. Our D9 distillate is for more experienced users, testing in +94% THC. Making these great to medicate after a long stressful day of work, or just trying to have a relaxing Sunday. One bonus of smoking distillate is they don’t have the same smell as consuming other extracts or flower, so you can smoke discreetly anywhere.

The ways to medicate with these are endless. You can spread it on the outside of your joint, put a few drops in your pipe or bong and pack it in your vape pen. If you really want to feel the full effects, you can add it to any meal or snack. When adding our D9 distillate to your food, you should be incredibly careful and start with a small amount then work your way up to the proper dosing. These syringes have 1000Mg of THC in them making just a small drop enough to medicate the average user.


**Our Cannabis Flower, THC Extracts and Marijuana Edibles are grown and produced in Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley.**

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