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Green Society Top Shelf Collection

The Green Society is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, which offers quite a large range of cannabis with a quick delivery service and great customer care.  [Read More]

Green Society

Have you been looking online for a trusted supplier for your medical use marijuana? Have you been looking for a partner who truly understands your needs? Then Green Society is what you have been looking for. [Read More]

Everything Canadians need to know about cannabis terpenes.

The current law on the legalization of Green Society marijuana has increased interest in medicinal and therapeutic cannabis and marijuana compounds. At any point in the cannabis or hemp learning curve, they become knowledgeable of CBD, cannabidiol, and THC’s effects and thus begin to establish their evaluation criteria used in a variety of cannabis products.   [Read More]

Black Domina

Black Domina, a powerful Indica strain that retains the senses and regulates the body, as no other cannabis strain has ever been done. [Read More]

Green Society Announces 17% off its Greasy Death Bubba

Marijuana lovers woke up to an astonishing product offer by Canada’s #1 online dispensary–17% off its Greasy Death Bubba strain. This is a Budget Buds strain is grown in the attractive landscapes, of Vancouver, British Columbia, in the West Coast of Canada—a region also popular for its exquisite seafood. This strain surprisingly has very high levels of THC (above 27%).

This makes it certain for this richly purple and green to send you into a real comma in for overdose, hence the name Death in Greasy Death Bubba. So, it only be wise that you observe doctor’s prescription if you want to wake up the next morning.  Its appearance is also unique with a white trichome covering its dank bud. The strain also smells like musk and pine and is largely covered in brown hairs. The strains flavor can be rounded off to a spiced rum with lemon zest, which makes it a tasty nightcap.

Its effects are so strong that with just a single puff, you will feel like you are floating in the clouds as the psychoactive effects of the drug rush through your body. This energy slowly develops to a burst of euphoria that motivates you and raises your level of focus. This first effect and first puff are therefore, good when you want to get your things in order.

About Green Society

Green society is the best online marijuana store in Canada, with the most user-friendly site, making it easy to place an order. Apart from Greasy Death Bubba, the online store also offers a wide range of marijuana products, from edibles, to vapes, to concentrates. Orders are delivered fast and in disguised packages to ensure that your shopping is as private as it can be. The payment system is also very secure, and so even at the age of increased cybercrime, users can have the confidence of checkout their carts and have their financial information protected.

Serene Farms vs Green Society

or the average consumer contemplating buying cannabis from an online dispensary the huge range of options can be confusing.  Faced with the almost impossible task of deciding which dispensaries are reliable and then choosing which to order from, many consumers may simply give up.  This is even before they consider questions of reliability, security and safety. 

This article compares two well-known online dispensaries in order to help clarify some of these issues. Green Society is one of the most established sites of its kind in Canada and this article compares it to a newer online dispensary, Serene Farms.  The two sites are evaluated in terms of their safety, reliability, product range and price.  

Toronto, April 14, 2020

Although there are a huge number of online dispensaries available in Canada a few have established a position as market leaders.  One of these is a Green Society, its popularity means it is likely to be recognised by many cannabis users.  This article takes a look at Green Society and assesses whether it is a good choice for potential cannabis customers.  Green Society is judged in terms of its reliability, the products it offers and their price.   To provide a little context, Green Society is compared to another site, Serene Farms.

This head-to-head between Green Society and Serene Farms will hopefully provide you with a better idea of the particular advantages and disadvantages of these two sites and allow you to make a more informed choice.  The analysis evaluates Green Society and Serene Farms against a set of criteria designed to reflect the needs of cannabis buyers.   These include safety and security, the range of products available, price, customer care, delivery and packaging.   When judged against these requirements the standards of Green Society and Serene Farms are more clearly revealed. 

After the analysis it is clear that Green Society does indeed have many advantages and it is certainly not a surprise that is one of Canada’s most popular online dispensaries.  Green Society scores well across the board.  However, it would not be true to say that it was clearly better than Serene Farms in every respect.  Indeed, there are many aspects of Serene Farms that could lead consumers to prefer the products offered by this website. 

Overall, the evaluation demonstrates that these two websites are both potentially good choices for anyone considering buying cannabis online. Amongst the huge range of sites vying for customers in this new marketplace, Green Society and Serene Farms are certainly two online dispensaries that are well worth investigating.

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