Three strains to enjoy while watching Netflix

Netflix has taken the world with a boom; having all movies and seasons on one screen to choose from is the best thing that could have happened. “Netflix and chill” are because of its ease of streaming, but when it comes to chill, everyone does it their own way; well, the best way is how doob dasher does it.


Seize the Moment

Have you ever had the feeling that whatever you are doing or whatever is happening around you is just not enough? And you want that moment never to end. What if there is a way of making the virtual world your reality? When it comes to enjoying virtual things such as watching Netflix, many cannabis users have shared their experience saying, “it feels like you are there watching everything happen to you.”

There are strains offered by different vendors, but the best and most guaranteed marijuana strains are found on the Canadian online dispensary doob dasher, having a professional experience of almost two decades.


True Netflix and Chill

Watching a good movie leaves you all new or gives you an entire new perspective; just imagine when you are in a state when you feel like part of the movie. Here are a few fun strains for you to enjoy with some Netflix goodies such as the new Season You, or the comedies: Friends, and Big bang theory;

  1. Jillybean

The Sativa dominant hybrid of orange velvet and Space Queen has potent euphoric effects with mood uplifting tendencies. Also, the 40% indica helps in a powerful full-body effect.

  1. Juicy fruit

With a fruity head and body buzz, this strain has almost 18.5% of THC, making it a euphoric and mood uplifting strain.

  1. Blue dream

Found in plenty of AAA’s but the basic effect of this strain that doob dasher is proud of comes from 19.5% of THC as it is 60$ Sativa dominant.


Find the right strain for yourself to watch Netflix and enjoy it the most. The doob dasher provides the best strains for relaxing and enjoying your day.

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