THC Chocolate Edibles: – Doobdasher THC edibles for edible lovers

Smoking cannabis is definitely something cannabis consumers love. But how about some cannabis chocolates? Yes, you heard that right! Doobdasher  is back again with its never disappointing cannabis products. This time it is the THC edible chocolates. Does it not make your mouth watery already?

THC Chocolate Edibles - Doobdasher THC edibles for edible lovers

Let’s take a look at these edibles.

Boost dark chocolate pack – THC 200 MG

This yummy chocolate is just the right mix of bitter and sweet. It melts in your mouth just like any chocolate would. The rich dark chocolate flavor lingers onto your taste buds for quite a good time. The best part about this THC edible chocolate is that it does not have any smell or flavor of cannabis; it is just a flavorful dark chocolate. This Doobdasher THC chocolate will also give you deep relaxation.

Ganja Baked – Dark chocolate almond bar 210 MG THC Vegan

There is no doubt in the fact that ganja-infused chocolate bars have the best flavors. This almond bar from the Doobdasher is just as delicious. Dark Chocolate Almond is manufactured with Callebaut’s prime Belgian chocolate as well as thoughtfully incorporated with 210mg of natural food-grade cannabis oil. After consumption, the chocolate bars start showing effects in 60 to 90 minutes.

Ganja edibles peanut butter Cup 3x 40 (120MG THC)

Crafted with utmost perfection, these peanut butter cups from Doobdasher are infused with pure cannabis, and we know the ganja-infused edibles are always on the top of the list. Mixed with premium quality food-grade cannabis oil, these butter cups contain 40mg THC levels each. The best part is that these edibles do not give you a head high, but they do give you just the right levels of euphoria.

Potluck Chocolates– 300MG THC

Potluck chocolate bars are prepared well with contemporary cannabis consumers in consideration, owing to a combination between some of Canada’s most renowned entrepreneurs in the cannabis concentrates sector. There’s no denying that Doobdasher takes its edibles seriously and goes above and beyond to deliver you the best.


To satisfy your chocolate and cannabis craving, you need to give a try to these cannabis edibles just soon. Not to forget that they get sold in just no time, do not miss out!


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