Distillatedirect best testing strains for every cannabis lover

Looking for some experimental strain? Why not when you have an available variety on your list; Distillate direct is an amazing dispensary for cannabis and medical marijuana that you can order from. It has been known to deliver fresh and tested strains to your doorsteps all over Canada.

Distillate direct has been known to provide many cannabis products such as oils, extracts, shatter, vape, etc for all the cannabis out there. Why should you hold back when there is so much new to try?

Distillatedirect best testing strains for every cannabis lover

Sugar Black Rose (AAA)

An Indica dominant strain at your disposal that has been parented by critical mass and a black domina; It is an amazingly smooth strain to smoke. With 80% Indica, this strain is focused more mentally; giving amazing cerebral effects, but the 20% Sativa adds a little full body relaxation. Distillate direct has outdone themselves by offering this strain legally. It does have a sweet taste which adds a little more to the experience.

Dark Purple Kush (AAA)

With a very subtle and earthy aroma and a very sweet flavor, it is a pure Indica strain parented by Hindu kush and Afghan purple strains. The strain has an amazing buzz that takes over as a blanket of euphoria and has a very long duration. It is used to treat sleeplessness and pain.

Tuna (AAA)

With a THC level of 12% and the best chronic pain treatment; this strong narcotic affecting strain has been made by crossing best marijuana strains . This strain is a very useful strain for pains and stress. It helps uplift the moods and gives positive energy jolts. The euphoria creeps slowly, and they take overtakes the entire body. You can avail these amazing strains at Distillate direct, an online dispensary.

Gangsta Kush

This strain is an Indica dominant strain that has been created to satisfy the love of cannabis with a very strong mental buzz. It is an amazing strain to vanish all your troubles.


Trying the best strains is a privilege; you can get all the amazing strains at Distillate direct and savor the taste while the euphoria sweeps you over.

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