Distillate Direct- The best flowers you can buy

Distillate direct houses the best flowers you will be lucky to get your hands on. Created to serve the very best of cannabis in Canada, Distillate direct brings you a collection of the best cannabis flowers you can buy. Take your pick according to your preference.

The cannabis industry has evolved to the next level in the past few years. The users have increased, the benefits have surfaced, and now it’s possible to eat and drink it. Distillate direct  is a Canadian cannabis dispensary, equipped with the best extraction methods that enable it to have a diverse collection of the best flowers. Here’s a list of the best flowers you can buy.

1- Tom Ford

Tom Ford, or Tom Ford Pink Death, is a unique AAAA+ Indica strain that provides users a truly memorable cannabis experience. Tom Ford is a cross between Death Bubba and Pink Kush which are two of the most powerful Indica strains in the cannabis industry. Distillate direct recommends this highly potent strain for users who wish to experience a deep Indica high.

2-   Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is an Indica dominant blueberry strain that provides its users a moderate to long-lasting buzz. Due to its Blueberry genetics, this strain produces an expansive, fast-acting, and smooth aroma. Optimal for day time usage as it gives its users little to no fatigue, Distillate direct labels this strain as one of the best because it comes with high medical benefits. Consumers can use this strain for increased appetite and curing anxiety.

3- Whitewalker OG (AAAA)

White walker OG by Gold Coast Collection is an Indica strain derived from the well-known SFV OG Kush. This strain won the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and it is cherished to this day for its magical uplifting effects on consumers. The heavy resin production is highly treasured by extraction artists.

4- Snow White (AAAA)

Snow White is a 65/35 Indica/Sativa hybrid strain. Abundant and early resin production attributes to this strain’s White Widow mother. The flowering finishes in a standard 60 to 70 days and provides a balanced and steady high to its consumers with a long list of medical benefits which is why Distillate direct calls this one of the best strains in store.

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