Distillate direct best Indica strains

Distillate direct is an online dispensary that helps you find quality strains and fast delivery at your doorstep. It is a trusted website that has made it easier for you to buy strains online. Get your phone and choose your favorite Indica Strain from the variety of strains online.

Death Bubba (AAA)

It is an AAA quality Indica strain that is famous for its great benefits. It is on sale at distillate direct, and you can get 1g of it is only $9. It is such a reasonable price for the Indica strain that it is beneficial for people having insomnia, depression, and chronic pains.


It is also an Indica dominant strain that is available on Distillate direct. You can get 1g in only $10. It also has medical uses that can leave you euphoric and allow you to get relief from depression and anxiety. These strains can make you feel happy and uplifted, and you will forget about your pains.

Gods Do Si Pie (AAAA)

Gods Do Si Pie is also an AAAA quality Indica strain that you can get for $10 per gram. It is available on sale at Distillate direct You will not feel disappointed when you buy these strains from them. It will give you constant relief and make your mood bubbly.

Blueberry Truffle (AAAA)

It is also an Indica strain that is of high quality. It is also accessible online at distillate direct. You can get 1g for $10. These blueberry truffles will leave you in a euphoric state and make you feel relaxed. It will allow you to get rid of insomnia and many other issues. You will enjoy it for recreational purposes as well as for medical use.

These Indica strains are available on sale at distillate direct. You will enjoy discounts on these best Indica strains because you won’t get it at this price in any other site than Distillate direct  Now, you won’t have to go out of your house to find your favorite Indica strains. Get it online and stay on your couch to enjoy the perks of an online dispensary.

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