White Coma from CheapWeed

Having a variety of strains from CheapWeed.ca to suit your mood or need makes a lot of sense, and understanding what is on offer is part of that. One strain that is getting rave reviews since it first hit the market is White Coma, but what is it all about?

While the name may suggest it is an Indica, in fact this is a Sativa strain, and a rare one at that. While the exact makeup of its genetics remains a secret, there is no denying that whatever is in there, it works.

In appearance, you see pastel green emerging from the mass of crystal trichomes, with flowers whiter than anything else out there. It has a very strong, sweet citrusy smell, and with an astonishingly high THC level of up to 25%, it is a unique strain that you have to experience.

The reason so many people love this strain is for the good vines it brings, generating pure bliss with incredible energy. Taking White Coma brings about a deep trance-like effect that gives you an overpowering sense of happiness, while the energy boost makes it great for those days when you just need a kickstart to get things done.

It’s great for medicinal use, calmly soothing anxiety attacks, PTSD episodes and easing pain. The relaxing affect of that blissful state is also a fantastic solution for insomnia, leaving you feeling naturally rested, unlike chemical based sleep medication. Its also a great option if you are suffering from migraines, and the unstoppable sense of happiness and contentment, along with the energy boost can help with depression too.

Are there downsides? The aroma may be a little sickly for some, anyone around you will definitely notice that powerful smell, but if you are looking for the pure sativa experience, White Coma is one of the best options available right now.

White Coma is a rare strain, but is available from CheapWeed, who deliver an exceptional service for White Coma and pretty much any other strain you may be looking for. They are the number one rated online dispensary in Canada for a reason. Great stocks, great prices, superb, reliable service.

With guaranteed shipping or your money back, for once you can enjoy complete peace of mind when ordering your supplies. The site is easy to get around and find exactly what you need, and with over 80,000 reviews, it’s a service to trust.

Whether you are thinking of giving White Coma a try, or any of the hundreds of strains they offer, CheapWeed.ca offer the easiest online dispensary service in the country, one you can rely on to deliver everything you need.

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