Cheap weed: The five best hybrid strains every cannabis lover must-try during the pandemic

As we all know that due to the pandemic, everything is expensive. At this time, everyone wants to buy the cheapest thing possible to save by spending extra bucks. But many cannabis lovers worry that if they buy cheap weed, it wouldn’t be of good quality and might harm them in one way or the other. You don’t have to worry about it anymore; we have gathered a list of the five best hybrid strains that are good on the buds and also on the pocket.

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Cheap Grapefruit:

It is pretty evident from its name that this cannabis strain tastes just like the sour and slightly sweet grapefruit. It’s one of the best cheap weed strain available in the dispensary. It’s the perfect mix of delicious flavors and works like magic when you want to relax and get high.

Cheetah Piss:

Its name leaves a negative image about this cannabis strain, but we assure you its strong smell and flavor would leave your eyes watery. This is because it is strongly effective, and the high comes on really fast. Your mood changes positively, and you start enjoying yourself. A best cheap weed strain this is a must-have for any cannabis lover.

Sticky Bun:

This hybrid strain is named after its sticky buds and delicious flavor. Its taste is out of this world; it has a slightly spicy touch to it. A cannabis lover would want to try this cheap weed strain once in his life.

Cherry Pie:

This hybrid strain has a sweet cherry-like taste; it helps your body to relax and sleep peacefully. This cheap weed strain is also famous for curing anxiety and depression.

Blue Magoo:

It is one of the cheapest hybrid strains available in the market. But just because it is a cheap weed definitely does not mean that it is bad in taste. It is a good quality cannabis strain.


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