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How long does shipping take?2021-06-01T01:32:33-06:00

We ship all orders Xpresspost with Canada Post Shipping usually takes about 2-3 business days to major cities of Canada. Please plan accordingly if you want to receive your order the same week. We highly recommend you place the order on the weekend or Monday/Tuesday if you wish to receive the order the same week. NOTE: Canada Post does not accept parcels on the weekends which is why there is no shipping. All weekend orders will be shipped first thing Monday

What happens if I don’t receive my package?2021-06-01T01:24:23-06:00

If you don’t receive your package within 48 hours after the expected arrival date, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We will not be held liable lost orders due to:

  • mistakes by the postal office
  • wrong address/unit # given by customer
  • stolen packages after delivery

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation which can take up to two weeks to complete.

How old do I need to be to order from this site?2019-11-22T19:57:42-07:00

Customers must be 19+ to order from The Dope Dispensary.

What cities do we deliver to?2021-03-14T00:17:37-07:00

We ship to all major and small cities across Canada. Where you reside will determine the time it takes to get your parcel, however most orders are received within 24 hours. Others up to 48 hours.

Lost Orders2020-10-05T15:29:39-06:00
The Dope Dispensary assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
  • Wrong address provided by the customer (including typos or auto-correct errors)
  • Customer change of address / residence
  • Theft after delivery
  • Package being rejected upon delivery (by doorman or other)
With that being said, please contact us so we can assist you in trying to
recover your item.

Please enter your address VERY CAREFULLY. What you type is what we use to ship via Canada Post. If your address is incorrect, we may be unable to recover it, will be considered lost and will not be eligible for reimbursement or replacement.

Why haven’t I received my tracking number?2021-05-09T01:10:48-06:00

We currently do not offer tracking at this time. We have 100% delivered package rate so you cant rest easy knowing that your package will get to you in a timely fashion.

I haven’t received my package, what do I do?2021-06-01T01:13:38-06:00

If you don’t receive your package 5 business days after paying for your order, contact us.  Please take in to consideration that cut off time is 12:00pm PDT. If your order is paid for after this time it will be considered the next day. You may be eligible for a full reimbursement of the cost of the items on the order, and you can simply place the order again. Please note that a trace / investigation must be initiated before refunds are processed.

Please enter your address VERY CAREFULLY. If your address is incorrect, we may be unable to recover it, will be considered lost and will not be eligible for reimbursement or replacement.

Please note, we are not liable for mistakes caused by Canada Post such has your package being delivered to the wrong address.

What happens to my order if I don’t send you a payment?2019-10-18T14:54:51-06:00

Once the order is placed, the next step is to send your payment to us. We keep the order on hold until the payment is received. If there’s no payment after two days, then the order is cancelled.

What happens once my payment has been sent to you?2020-05-27T16:49:30-06:00
Once the payment is sent, it may take a few hours for us to receive and then deposit the payment (during business hours), depending on the volume of orders that day. Please do not cancel your your payment if it’s not immediately accepted. If payment is sent during non-business hours, we will accept your payment the following business day. When your payment has been received by us, we will notify you by email. And you can find your tracking number under My Account – Orders once the order has shipped out.
Once payment has been deposited, your order will be processed. Please note any payments deposited after 9:00AM (PST) will be shipped out the next business day  (although we will extend this cut off time internally as far as possible). We recommend that you send payment the day before you want us to ship your package.
How do I send an Interac E-transfer?2019-12-13T00:15:40-07:00
Sending Interac E-Transfers with your online banking or credit union is very safe to use. It will only take a few minutes or less!
  1. Sign into your Online Banking and select “E-Transfer”
  2. Add us as an Interac E-Transfer Recipient:
    1. The name & email address used to add us as a recipient can be found on your invoice.
  3. Please reference your order number in the message box
What are the shipping fees you charge?2019-10-18T14:47:21-06:00

On orders below $150, we charge $15 for shipping. For any order over $150 (after discounts), the shipping is free. We ship our orders via Canada Post : Xpress Post, and we provide a tracking number to you by email once the order has shipped. If you live in a remote area, your order may take a few extra days to reach you.

Is Tax included with the price?2019-10-18T14:46:23-06:00

Yes. We charge 5% GST on orders. This is included in the checkout price.

What types of payment do you accept?2019-11-07T17:13:47-07:00

We accept Interac E-transfers as this is a safe payment method. If you bank with Canadian credit unions or regular banks, then these are easy to do online with your institution. We will send you an invoice by email once you place an order. All of the payment information that you require to make an E-transfer will be found on your invoice.

We will only ship orders once payment has been confirmed.

When does my order ship out?2019-10-18T14:40:59-06:00

If we deposit your payment by 9 am (PST) cut off time, your order will be shipped the same business day. If we deposit your payment after 9 am (PST), your order will be shipped the next business day. We recommend that you send payment the day before you want us to ship your package (payments are processed in the order that they are received). It is our intention to ship as many packages as we can on any given day, therefore our cut off time may be extended internally past 9 am.

Can I order outside of Canada?2019-10-18T14:39:47-06:00

We can only ship within Canada. Just come here ;)

Can I get in contact with someone?2020-06-25T14:30:45-06:00
Yes! We do our best to be available for our customers and their inquiries. Our contact email is [email protected] You can expect a response from Monday – Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm.
Do you issue refunds or exchanges?2019-10-18T14:36:19-06:00

We do not issue refunds or exchanges for any consumable products. If you believe that you have a defective product please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the product.

Is my package shipped safely and discreetly?2019-10-18T14:34:01-06:00

Yes. We ensure that your order is packaged with care and vacuumed sealed. This protects your purchase and your privacy. We use mailers which are secure and discreet.

How do I place an order with The Dope Dispensary?2021-03-13T23:47:35-07:00

We make it super easy to order from us!

  1. Start by filling out our simple registration form here
  2. Browse our premium selection from BC’s top producers here and add items to your cart
  3. Check out and pay using Interact e-Transfer
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once you have placed an order and another once the payment has been received and processed.
  5. Expect your shipment within 2-4 business days. You can check your order status here

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